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Author, business woman, entrepreneur and creator.

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Jennifer is an American/Australian author, business woman, entrepreneur and creator.

She writes and delivers motivating speeches, writes books, runs businesses and is a qualifed Management Consultant and PMBOK Project Manager (among other things).

Jennifer loves spending time with her family, her pug, Ricky Bobby, listening to EMD and country music, lifting weights, doing spin classes and drinking dirty martinis. She believes that life is a creative endeavour where transformation and personal metamorphosis should be the norm, not an exception. She is passionate about living life whole-heartedly and without apology and like a fine wine, aging well.

The ATFOOY Approach™

Jennifer H Hill is the creator of The ATFOOY Approach™️ – a super simple 3 step process to transforming your life. This is a must-read guide for anyone looking to break free from endless obligations, joyless days and a never ending To do list. Using this method,  create a life you love. With expert advice, colorful stories, and simple to follow worksheets, this quick read will give you the tools you need to build the life you deserve, starting today!

Amaze the fck out of yourself book
Amaze the fck out of yourself success stories
Amaze the flip out of yourself book

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